Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Live from Lourdes

In the cafe formerly known as La Terasse and making most of free wifi. Typing with one finger on iPod hence Bridget Jones style of post.
No. Of cappuccinos today 1. With cream. V bad.
Lourdes is v quiet. Fewer pilgrims and volunteers.
Train services disrupted (prob accounts for lack of Italians).
Sanctuaries open and mostly normal.
Underground basilica still closed - no international mass and Eucharistic procession is a non-Procession which takes place near the podium.
St Bernadette's Church open as normal.
Confessions as normal.
Grotto open, some damage to glass around the spring.
Baths open but water change is slower than usual due to damaged filtration system.
Main bridge in sanctuary is damaged but open with temporary railings. Farthest bridge (past the baths) is closed.
Abri St Michel (v important place which feeds volunteers and scouts) v badly damaged and still closed. Restaurant temporarily rehoused in St Frai.
Some hotels still closed - mud reported. Many business owners v demolarised.
All shops appear open.
Best orange juice to be found in the Acceuil Maie St Frai where a glass of the freshly pressed stuff only 2E20. Vg.
This is the Recusant reporting from Lourdes. And now, back to the studio.


  1. We used to enjoy a drink and an occasional meal at La Terrasse, what is it called now? Richard

    1. It now rejoices in the name 'Riviera Sol'.


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