Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blogging without a cause

Aside from being very angry and a bit spiritually lost when I decided to take a break from blogging, I was also unsure about why I was blogging (apart from wanting a sympathetic space in which to complain about terrible hymns). However after some time away from the blogosphere (including not reading other blogs), a holiday, a retreat and going back to work I think I am in more of a position to take up my keyboard again. In the midst of this I went to a talk by Paul Moore.

The combination of these last two made me think about what I am doing in life. As a lay person in the world I do not have the experience of obedience and mission which I did in community life, and yet God does still have a plan for me. Back in the world of work, and on the front line of healthcare, I am starting to realise that this plan includes a mission.

Whilst letting off steam about hymns is fun and probably necessary (and since I realised that Colours of Day has multiple authors ('written by a committee' as one of my friends put it) I've been wondering if perhaps that wrote one verse each and that is why there is a total lack of continuity) I recognise that what I am  really interested in blogging about is the role and mission of the laity (transforming the temporal sphere), and specifically in the sphere of health care.

I think this means that Recusancy is back.

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